Thursday, 3 February 2011

Desire for a familiar enemy

I wanted a cigarette this morning. I really did. I was singing Britney's 'hit me baby one more time' to Nico Teen.

I asked myself why I wanted a fag when I didn't really want a fag. I wasn't feeling stressed you see. Yesterday went well with the support worker, he told me I wouldn't be evicted in April, that my tenancy was safe.

Familiarity I decided. I wanted to sit quietly with 'old virginia because well, we've been through tough times together, she understands me!

Fortunate therefore that it was Zen Boot Camp today. Fantastic class. Partnered with Mistress La Francaise at the end, couldn't resist telling her: "hit me baby one more time!"

Master 's boom box sang out the Specials - a Message for Mistress - "Stop ya messin' around!"

It was ACE! Crikey, when was the last time I said ACE?!

Can't remember!! Maybe last week but not on blogspot!

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