Monday, 7 February 2011

Dave and I on different sides

The Sunday Telegraph celebrated it's 50th anniversary this weekend and managed to secure an interview with our Prime Minister.

Cameron was asked his favourites from the past 50 years.
Book: Graham Greene's Human Factor. Yep, tis a corker.
Film: Lawrence of Arabia. Oh, yeah ok, whatever, dunno mine.
Album: Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. Yes, brilliant that one.
Then we part company somewhat

His favourite act of parliament?
Sale of council houses.

Not the minimum wage, which might be mine, but then that wasn't the Tories was it, and Cameron has never been financially exploited.

Sale of council houses.

The Sunday Telegraph asked him:
"Where is the Cabinet Minister who will come forward and say that private prosperity is liberating, empowering and essential for social responsibility?
Dave replies: "The most important Cabinet minister who takes that very strong view is the Prime Minister. You're sitting next to him. It's absolutely what I am doing and saying."

Mr Cameron, selling off the council houses is not an act of social responsibility. It's consigning millions to a life of poverty.

Maybe I should write to him, tell him my new rent. Still, £350 a week is a drop in a large ocean to him.
Wonder what he rents out his Notting Hill property for?
Perhaps I should ask him that too.

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