Monday, 14 February 2011

My son gets a valentine card!

Oh he was so excited bless him. "I don't recognise the writing, I have to find clues! Who do you think it's from mummy? Who do you think it's from?!"

"How do you think you'll feel when you find out?" I smiled.
"Ooh, it's scary!" his little grin!

Bashful as he walked to school, making me promise not to tell anyone. (Oops)

That is the point of Valentine's isn't it? For single people to let the people they like know that they like them?

I didn't have the balls to send a card or note to the boy I like. Well, man actually, not boy! It does take an enormous amount of courage doesn't it? It is terrifying isn't it?
Man I like doesn't have a clue I like him, not an inkling.
If he found out I think I'd just want to go and hide in a dark hole!
I think he'd think like my son: "scary!"
Yes, not very confident me!
Quite shy!
Women's emancipation?
I haven't caught up yet!

Happy Valentine's to all of you out there. I hope Cupid works his magic on all of you who want romantic magic in your lives!


notSupermum said...

Aww, bless. That'll boost his confidence and he'll remember that for years. Happy days.

Stigmum said...

Yes, I think I'll remember it too, he looked so sweet!!