Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Buy your property or be evicted!!!

Existing secure tenants will not be affected by new legislation being pushed through, said the lawyer. It's new 'fixed term' tenants who will be affected (perhaps me one day!)

"Fixed term is a minimum period of two years," explained the lawyer. "During first two years the property has some elements of a secure tenancy."
No different to what I'm in now then, apart from the "affordable" rent.

She also said this:

"Unbelievably, fixed term tenants will still have the Right To Buy!"

If you are able to get a mortgage you can buy the property!!

Lawyer had said local authorities can choose a financial cut off point for access to council homes. It might be "£40,000 for a whole household."

But wait wait a minute. I'm getting confused here!
If I earn 'too much' I can't get a flat. (No danger there for me methinks)
If I have the flat but the 'too much' I earn is not enough to secure a mortgage, I will be evicted because the 'too much' is too much to rent this 'affordable home'.

Have I understood that right?
Is the Bill absolutely cock eyed and not thought out at all?

Abolish Right To Buy
Maintain Secure Assured tenancy.
Invest in building programmes for more homes.
Invest in bringing empty properties back into use.

It's not fecking rocket science in starting to pull out of this national catastrophe.

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