Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sisters doing it for themselves

The Master was away again this week. Mistress Dancer spoke to him just before class started.
With eight of us Mistresses there, we decided to give ourselves a class anyway!

It was not the same as with the Master, of course it wasn't, but it was cool. I was wheezing after the kicking routines we do. Wheezing! I stopped smoking near two weeks ago!

One scary part of Carr's book, or definitely the bit that put the fear in me back in 2006 when I stopped is when he says:

"A cough is one of nature's fail-safe methods of dispelling foreign matter from the lungs. The cough itself is not a disease; it is just a symptom. When smokers cough it is because their lungs are trying to dispel cancer triggering tars and poisons. When they do not cough those tars and poisons remain in their lungs, and that is when they cause cancer (my italics)" (p.73 Easyway Book)

I never coughed. If I did cough it was because everyone else in the country had the same virus, regardless of whether they smoked or not.

Mistress Mountain said I'd start coughing soon.

What a wheeze ey? What a wheeze! The class I mean heh heh!

Oh the play on words! Zen Boot Camp does that; it puts you in a positive mood!

(Was tempted, have to say, to have a quick puff on Mistress La Francaise's fag after class. Ya know, what's the harm?! One little drag! I am pleased to report I refrained and it wasn't very hard!)

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