Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rent Arrears - £4,100

31 January 2011

Dear Ms de Nim,

I am concerned to note that today, 31 January 2011, your rent account is £4,140.00 in arrears. This includes the current weekly rate of £345.00

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement your rent is due every Monday in advance. Any arrears of rent (including those due to non-payment of Housing Benefit) are your responsibility and are treated very seriously by the Association. If the amount of benefit you receive is not enough to cover the rent payable, you must make up any difference.

If you have made a claim for Housing Benefit and your claim is not yet in payment or your payments have reduced or stopped then you must contact the benefit office to find out the reason for this.


If you have received any letters from the Council asking for further information you must supply this to them immediately.

Please contact me within the next 5 days to sicuss this matter on xxxx If you do not respond to this letter we we will have no choice but to start the legal proceedings, which may, lead to your eviction.

Yours sincerely
Housing Officer

17th November 2010 - My notebook
Text to Housing Officer
Tommy, does the rent go straight to (HA) like it did Papier Mache Towers , or from me to (HA). Need to speak 2 u as went 2 housing benefit yesterday.

18th November 2010 - My notebook
Housing Benefit ok for now
Called Tommy. The "Landlord" ie Housing Association hasn't sent back the Housing Benefit form back yet. Seems it was something I signed in the short time we had when I picked up the keys.
I'm already in arrears with the Housing Association from the church eviction.
I do so hope the cost of their procrastination doesn't fall to me.

1st Feb
Bang goes my break from blogging. There can be no break, not now Nico Teen's gone and I can't sit outside for hours with that. Stigmum is housing, she wants to expose it. I want to find, I want to find....I want to not deal with this crap.
Emailed benefits office and housing association. Called housing officer, no reply on landline or mobile.
No Nico Teen, no mulling.
I am pacing up and down though trying to find an avenue to channel down my anger.

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