Wednesday, 2 February 2011

"Tough times - difficult choices"

I've been invited to take part in a housing consultation today, filling in a questionnaire for Camden's housing strategy 2011 - 2016. "Developing a housing future together - Tough times, difficult choices: Your say."

I worry about consultations sometimes. I think at the end of day councils will interpret what they like, do what they like.

I suspended my cynicism however and answered the questions. Fairly simple, what were my 'three priorities' to improve the housing situation - more homes, fair allocation, bring empty properties back in to use. My 'three priorities' for Camden as landlord - improve the condition of homes, build homes, improve estates.

There were options for tackling tenancy fraud, anti social behaviour, improving sustainability, moving people to smaller homes, tackle overcrowding.

I said I was in 'supported housing' because I didn't see the option for me. I am not a housing association tenant in the same sense as those who are not statutorily homeless.

21,000 people on the waiting list. Residents of Camden who are not on the waiting list have been invited to participate. How many people will participate and fill in the questionnaire?
They could post it if it falls through their letter box
Or do online like I have.

I understand why some people can't see the point but I can't do nothing can I?

Housing support worker is coming round this afternoon to talk about the arrears.
There's been an error, there's not much to talk about.
Except my future here of course - tough times and difficult choices.....

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