Sunday, 13 February 2011

Relationship struggles - blokes and blogs!

I had brunch with two girlfriends earlier. We inevitably got talking about men. Well, not inevitably maybe but talking anyway. One of us is having relationship struggles, the guy saying he wants more 'me time'. It's not me having this relationship struggle, mores the pity, but I am having a relationship struggle though I couldn't tell these girls about it. They might think I am mad! They already know I am mad, can't have them thinking it too!

Seriously, a real pain. I wanted to blog yesterday and couldn't. I was editing everything in my head, all light and nice, but I couldn't write it. Before I set out to meet my lovely mates earlier I was thinking that I just can't anymore.

Stigmum was a huge support to me when I was being evicted. Stigmum and blogspot. Massive. I could really off load here.

If I'd got my council flat I wouldn't have come back. I'd have maybe started another blog. I'd have left it so people who found it could believe that if you want something, if you fight for it, you will get it.

How utterly fecking depressing that I'm back therefore. Go after what you want folks, you don't have a flying hope in hell!!! Because it is hellish, eviction.

I'm not being evicted now, I don't need stigmum's support as much but I need to be here. I need to be here incase I do. Does that sound really crap? That sounds really crap doesn't it?

I'm not articulating myself very well. ...

What I said to stiggers this morning is we keep going until April, when the housing legislation goes through. Or we keep going until May and the local elections. Or we stop earlier if we're not enjoying ourselves, or keep going if we are

Oh I don't fucking know. All I do know is it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I'm having relationship problems with myself.

Well, as we girls were saying. One of our friends 'had a really long honeymoon period with her husband and problems happen with all relationships, at some point. You get closer, it's inevitable. If it's strong it survives and theirs is strong.'

This friend is taking a break from her guy to see if he misses her at all ("They're running that story in Eastenders!" I said, erm, helpfully)

Me and Stigs? Well, we've been together a couple of years now.

We've been listening to the Beatles.

I don't believe in a million years that we are the only bloggers out of millions of bloggers to go through this.

It takes courage to say it! Or maybe stupidity...

Time to end this post methinks...

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