Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sitting infront of famous folk!

Before I set off for the Housing Emergency Rally yesterday morning, I found in my cycling jacket, a little bunch of papers in my plastic bag. My postcard! My letter to Dobbie! My letter published in the CNJ! Bought warmth to my heart it did, finding that because I don't believe all is lost you know, I don't.

Anyway, when I walked into the Central Hall, Dobbie was up on the stage, chairing the meeting. Obviously, whereever I sat I would be sitting infront of him! So I sat near the back.

As I walked along a row of chairs I noticed a reporter from the CNJ doing the same in the row behind me!

You might not know this reporter but he is famous as defined by the Bros song - his picture is in the paper - this is how I recognised him.

I wanted to introduce myself. I wanted to say 'do you fancy a quick laugh?' and show him my postcard and show him the letter to Dobbie, where I ask my MP - that one sitting there infront of us chairing the rally - to read out said postcard with the name of a dead woman on it to the Coalition.

The journalist slipped away before I had the chance. Oh well!

It is half term next week. I have my son with me so I will not be blogging. This enforced break will be good for me.
I want to pledge (I say "I want" because Stiggers often has other ideas) I want to pledge that I will only come back to blogging after I've made contact with another famous person.
Only contact mind! I don't think the famous person will agree to see me you see and I'm not sure I want to stop blogging forever!!

You may also have noticed that there's a new label: "Housing 2011". I'm not going to write anymore today about the rally I went to but there are things from it that may come out in the future, there are other housing things I may want to write and well, the "Housing Government and Council" label has 672 post under it - alot of good stuff is lost in there, why lose everything?

I will continue to post my own housing experiences under the Housing, Government and Council label though, like the Mouse Exterminator Person coming round today. From the Housing Association! Thankyou support worker for intervening.
I will blog about that at some point.... oh yes! But not today!

Four posts is enough for one day don't you think?

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