Friday, 11 February 2011

We have MICE

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I didn't mind mice. Those dark nights, dumped, left holding the baby, waiting for an eviction, I found their presence somewhat comforting.
Fast forward six years and well, my mental health has improved somewhat
And swung in an opposite direction.

Two days ago I saw one of these little furry creatures running across my kitchen at breakneck speed into some invisible crack by the built in fridge/freezer. Later I saw his mate (his mate? Please God no, the damn things breed) racing into the very visible crack by the washing machine.

I phoned my landlord of course. They said someone would get back to me in "one or two days". It is day two. Call me call me PLEASE.

Last night, sitting watching Human Planet, I saw one scurry under the heater in the living room. Bravely I got down on my knees to have a look so I could eyeball it but it wasn't there. The only place it could go was MY SON'S ROOM. Is that really a crack in the skirting boards there?

Then, as if I weren't freaked out enough, one of the built in swanky lights falls out of the ceiling, dangling, swinging, casting it's shadow back and forth back and forth. Is there a colony of mice in the roof?

I am the attic flat, these lights have been dropping out of the ceiling, in the living room and my son's room. I have informed the landlords of this once, twice, three times every time I see one of their staff or talk to one of them on the phone. Is that how they are being pushed out? By mice?

Who needs flipping tv when you've got your own horror show in your flat?

When I went to bed, I could hear rustling. Are they getting bolder?

I should pop downstairs and ask my neighbours if they have any. They have a front door mat with three cats design on it.

I wonder if that acts as a deterrent?

Hmmm, yes, may pop down and ask them. Never got mice in the Tower, little buggers probably couldn't make it up the stairs.

In the meantime I have bought some poison... best get, well, killing I guess....

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