Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Standard threats

I called the Housing Association this morning and spoke to a nice lady. I told her I had a letter from the benefits office saying my rent was being paid to the housing association from 15/11/10 and that over £1,000 had been paid in December. I was not responsible for the £4,140 rent arrears.

Nice lady told me the letter I received yesterday was 'standard' and 'a bit harsh'. Yeah, you could say...

I told her that I had done everything that I was asked to do so it was most unfair now, that something has gone wrong, that it is I who is threatened with legal proceedings.

She said my housing officer would call me. For his part he apparantly emailed the benefits office the day before yesterday.

The joy of that phone call is that housing officer left notes on my 'screen' so nice lady was able to talk to me about the letter. A far cry from when I was being evicted, awaiting bailiff's and every one claimed to know nothing about it every time I called.

I do not know where the missing thousands have gone, for one payment has been made by the benefits office.

This is just the beginning for me. It's almost as though I've been warned. You wait once I start working for money, it's going to be a fecking nightmare.

I've met the working mammas in rent arrears, it really is never their fault. Returning to work is their only crime.

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