Thursday, 17 February 2011

Work to Welfare

The bill goes through today doesn't it? Read it in the Mirror yesterday after having to swallow the stories of the bankers bonuses and the self same bank planning mass redundancies to 'cut costs'.

Newsnight ran a story on the whole work to welfare thing on Tuesday night.

"6 million people will be getting up to go to work tomorrow but 6 million won't have to, they can stay in bed," or something like that. Paxman's brilliant most of the time but I really wanted to kick him in the shins for saying that.

I have no time now to chat about the punitive measures facing so many millions of us.
The newsnight report didn't address many of the barriers facing us and certainly didn't mention all this happening at a time of rising unemployment.

There aren't millions of jobs to go round and even for the shitty ones there's intense competition.

When I was watching it though, I was thinking of housing and how this massive, massive, MASSIVE issue, which is going to affect millions upon millions of people, is just being swept aside.

It's what the government wants. It wants everybodies attention diverted from the massacre it's creating.

Biff Baff Boof.

No, not you Paxman.

The Tory party.

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