Monday, 17 October 2011

Application Forms

I have spent the day filling in an application form.

It actually takes more than a day these things. Or at least I think so, me and my two degrees.

Squeezing a life time of jobs into your mind and finding those most relevant to the position you are going for. Preferably recent ones. My volunteering got a big look in on this one.

I went up to the Heath for inspiration and met this Oldish Guy I know who's very pro my protesting, which is nice. He told me not to write anything negative,which was good advice because I wanted to write about redundancies and not having used Excel in years.

I hope I get this job. It's part time, local and for a lone parents charity.

Brilliant really.

Application forms. Terrifying things.

Shame I can't put my blog link, but then I'd really stand no chance.

A pity really.
My casestudy of a single mother not being relevant to a lone parent charity because in it I swear and
write about all the negative things
people tell me about their lives
through my own voice

We are only human
Humans bleed

Sorry if you don't like it but then if you don't like it you're not one of my followers, which is fine, I understand


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