Monday, 17 October 2011

On not being shortlisted

I applied for a job as a Deputy Features Editor on a housing magazine and got a email from the agency dealing with it, that I hadn't been shortlisted. They were sorry to disappoint me.

I emailed back then burst into tears. It was my son's birthday and was feeling fragile as I'd have to move over to jobseeker's allowance the next day. Demoralising, demeaning, desperate Jobseekers. I didn't hear back and to date, haven't applied for a job I'm not capable of doing.

I'm not suggesting you do the same as me, I'm just telling you what I did.

Thanks [Sir],
Despite my ex editor at [Publishing Company] saying I'd be perfect for the job given my past as a journalist and my present as a housing campaigner I knew I wouldn't get this and can't help thinking it's because I'm a single parent so problematic for the role (maybe).
Perhaps it's for the best though. I imagined meeting Grant Shapps, doing the interview for my article then saying ( because I would have to): "Downing Street told me to contact you saying you'd be very interested in what I had to say. Do you remember? Here are the letters...Why did you never reply to them? Will you reply to them now? Off the record if you like."
I will add, I have a good relationship with politicians of all parties because I'm a diplomatic sort! What's also funny about this job is that my pseudonym subscribes to this magazine's website!
Too much to give sometimes ey?!

Thanks for getting back to me and so quickly too.
I will warn you. I am being moved from income support to jobseekers under the government's new legislation. I have to apply for jobs or they will stop my benefits. This means I will possibly (almost certainly) apply for jobs I am not capable of doing so I can write it down in my jsa notebook. I'm really sorry. No-one asks to be in a situation such as mine.

I'm disappointed this didn't work out for me but something else will!

All the best,

Sue de Nim

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