Monday, 10 October 2011

Atmosphere at the Block the Bill Save the NHS demo

To the tune of Daisy Daisy - Words by Shirley Murgraff OAP - Everyone, with your hymn sheets, singalong!

Lords and Ladies we how have to look to you
The Other Place claims a mandate but we all knew that's not true
They'd only a shotgun marriage, and they're doing so much damage,
That we have the right and must use our might
To get rid of their ghastly stew

So Lords and Ladies now you must play your part
You know the NHS is so close ot our people's heart,
It must not be run for profit, Greedy paws must be kept off it
So kill the bill that will make us all ill
And give back what was ours from the start.

To the tune of "John Brown's Body"
Words also by Shirley Murgraff OAP

They want the NHS to lie a-mouldering in the grave,
But we are here to tell them that the NHS we'll save
And anyone who thinks differetn's either foolish or a knave
'cos we're not going to let them get away with that.

Our public NHS forever,
Their life support machine we'll sever
Private heatlth care no way never
'Cos we're not going to let them get away with that

They say they've got a mandate and that's the biggest lie of all,
And their lies they keep on growing and their stories get more tall
But we're here to tell them that they're riding for a fall
And on their backsides they'll be falling very flat.

There was also comedy from Josie Long and others I didn't catch the name.

Peaceful protest is honestly so much fun and so life affirming!

Do go along to UK Uncut protests because they are so imaginative and so much fun!

Mind you, shouldn't say that really. If our Leaders think we're happy they'll really stick the boot in...

Oh, everyone was really angry and pissed off

Which they were as it happens which made the comedy so sharp!

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