Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dreams of rabid dogs

Sunday night, a whole pack of black, rabid dogs, circling me, snarling, saliva dripping from their fangs. I was very, very frightened and they wouldn't go away.

The following day, I consulted my good pal Google and got this:

Unless it is a pet, a dog usually represents contention, offense,
or an unclean spirit. A rabid dog represents evil, contagious evil,
persecution, great danger.

Monday afternoon I see my friend The Ed and he says "It's the police" and I'm like "Of course it is, doh!"

Monday night there's just one dog and soon after my alarm went off so that was alright.

Yesterday the dog just snarled into my mind at random moments, like when I was washing up.

Today I am eyeballing it and it turns away. Hopefully pretty soon it'll go altogether.

I'm so angry. This morning I was walking back from the school run and a fire engine was out on the street opposite the police station, infront of a cafe. I spoke to a guy in a regular suit and asked which building he'd come from. He pointed to the police station and I thought "Prick." (Heh heh and there was me last week saying I'd say Peace be with you to all my enemies!!!)

It's not funny. Politicians ask themselves why young people are so angry and it's really not difficult to figure out, particularly when bonds of trust have been broken.

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