Monday, 17 October 2011

Everyone's replacable, even Tories

So, the far Right Defence Secretary finally resigned over his best man being his personal advisor.
Quick as a flash he was replaced by the Transport Minsiter.
Similar job isn't it?

The ex Defence Secretary can still keep his job as a minister. Can sit on the back, as opposed to front, bench. Still collect a wage. Do you think he'll get a drop in pay?

What do you think'll happen to that Letbin bloke? Chucking away letters from his colleagues and constituents? Will he get to keep his job?

How people can bring themselves to vote for these people I have no idea. They're all put in "safe seats" so watch them get re-elected in the next round. Uurgh.

To think, I was fired for forgetting one shift. One iddly piddly three hour shift. Fired.
Well, I wasn't told exactly so I resigned, without actually telling.

Then jobs I do go for I'm told I don't have the relevant experience.

It's a problem facing over 1 million unemployed young people.

Different worlds isn't it, that of ministers and that of yours...

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