Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How to deal with bad dreams and nightmares

I shall proceed to tell you about how I have dealt with my rabid dog nightmares because it is a fresh example.

If you have malevolent dreams, or pictures in your mind (like last year during my 'bodyquake' I saw images of women being burnt at the stake and all sorts of nasty things) then the best thing to do, in my opinion, is shine a light on it.

Now JK Rowling, through Harry Potter, describes the Patronus. A white light and positive energy that beamed from Harry's wand into the shape of a stag.

Maybe you haven't read Harry Potter or seen the films so you don't know what I'm talking about, which is fine!

Sunday night I had my nightmare. Monday night it came back. I lifted my palm to the dog and imagined that white light was beaming from it, from me.

Yesterday the creature appeared in my daydreams and I'd blast it again with my light.

This morning, like now I'm writing about it, the dog's turning away from me. It's power has gone. I'm getting better with this Light thing!

I hope the dream stays away!

Light. Imagine light. Always LIGHT to get rid of nightmares and I'm guessing dark spirits as well (not that I want to experience that either)


Sticks and stones may break your bones
Your soul will never leave you.


You know, I might tell my son what I've told you. He gets bad dreams.

"You were in it mummy, you were the bad person, you were the lion wanting to eat me up! I couldn't call you!"

Sleep easy my son my sun, sleep easy all of you;)


Anonymous said...

Urgh nightmares..I don't like them and I have them a great at the mo. I just try to make myself wake up. But I like your idea...and I'll see whether I can get this to work.

Stigmum said...

Good luck! From now on I'll put my palm up as a default action because some of them I'm not aware I'm asleep and then, like you, try to wake up. The images can remain though but my white light thoughts did dissolve the dogs!