Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pass the bill...Ouch

You'll be pleased to know that the protest I, doctors and academics and ordinary people went on, the kettling I went through so your parents, mine, your child, mine, you, me could have a free National Health Service as long as we live made no difference at all to the outcome of the "Health and Social Care Bill". See, no mention of the word "National." You're paying now love. Happy?

The bill was voted down by 354 to 220 by the House of Lords so will go back to the House of Commons to the glee of our ruling Tory Party, I mean Coalition.

"Critics of the Bill say it paves the way for profit-making private firms - or "Any Qualified Providers" - to bid for every section of the NHS from the hospital casualty units to physiotherapy. Crucially, it means GPs deciding what gets funded and, in turn, lead to patient care decisions being based on cost the the first time in the history of the NHS." (P.2 Camden New Journal)

There are 1000's of people who are feeling disappointed today. Angry.

Is there any point? Is there any point protesting? Our leaders don't listen to us, our leaders don't care for your point of view if it doesn't match their own. Our leaders will do what they like.

Martyrs to the cause we're becoming aren't we?

Egypt, Libya, Syria, Greece

Did you know the Americans have occupied Wall Street? Yeah! Banners and flags peacefully highlighting the inequality and greed that's so pervasive in our societies. You'd be forgiven for not knowing because it's hardly been reported in the press.

There is a point to protesting. Of course there is a point.

Dave said he'd LEAVE THE NHS ALONE. There is NO MANDATE for this destruction.

Will you only see it when your local hospital is closed?

Will you care then?

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