Thursday, 20 October 2011

Love hearts and aliens

An eztimated 2,700 people died from fuel poverty last year according to today's papers. Wasn't I saying just yesterday that I was paying to freeze to death? People are, pensioners especially vulnerable. I met an old lady yesterday who can't sleep in her bedroom at the moment so she and her dog share the sofa as the living room is warmer. Please sign the petition.

To beat the current cold that is living in my own uninsulated flat, and having more choices than a pensioner, I raced to Primark yesterday afternoon and bought a baby grow for grown ups. A fleecy one. They are all the rage. My son asked for one for his 9th birthday and I seriously thought he was regressing but no, at the time there weren't any for his age available, so popular these all in ones are becoming.I returned the size 7/8 football designed one yesterday and exchanged it for one with lots of little aliens.

Mine has love hearts all over it which my son disagrees and says is pink leopard print. No matter, we're beginning to resemble teletubbies the two of us.

My boy was warm last night but I wasn't. I must be more sensitive to the cold.

With this in mind I bought a copy of the Daily Mail because they are offering a "free" double duvet if you send 35 tokens and a fiver for postage.

I know I know...For over a month I have to buy the Mail just so I can get a 9 tog duvet.

Oh well, I take the view that reading a view you don't agree with helps consolidate your own point of view.

We disagree on alot me and the Mail. I mean, the Mail doesn't even like me and my sort and Mail readers take a dim view of me and my sort too but no matter.

On fleecing energy companies me and the Mail have the same view.

People have already died and more are going to be killed by cold related illnesses.

Please sign the petitions with yourself or old people in mind. These companies are going to make a £125 profit off each customer it was said on the news a couple of days ago. It's disgusting:

If you are still superloaded despite your energy bills you can build your own jimjams to be really really snugly cosy! I can but dream... Just a basic for my son with hood and feet cost over £35. For me I dread to discover:

Otherwise, try not to think of the working conditions required to churn out the cheap and head to Primark. They've got some cool designs! I wore a t-shirt under mine last night.

Layer layer layer...

I'll switch on my heaters at some point. I just want to enjoy my "low" bill for a while...

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