Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hugh Laurie - dressed as a policeman?

I'm being kettled with about two or three dozen fellow protesters on Lambeth Bridge.
Police surround us, containing us in rows of two, three. Coppers everywhere you look.

Hang on, isn't that Hugh Laurie?

That is Hugh Laurie dressed up as a policeman!


I'm not there with a friend so I tap a man next to me, a new friend, on the arm.

"Hugh Laurie's standing over there with a policeman's uniform on," I say giggling incredulously.

"What?" he says looking at me.

"Hugh Laurie, over there, look!"

"Oh yeah!" he agrees, laughing.

He turns to his friend: "There's a policeman over there, looks like Hugh Laurie!"

She laughs aswell!

Then someone says "Oh, I bet he gets ribbed about that alot at work."

Compassion? Do I hear compassion?

A compassionate anarchist?

Yes think of this next time you want to label a protester, next time you want to judge an anarchist in a scornful way believing us to be..what do you believe us to be actually?

John Lydon, of the Sex Pistols fame, once said an anarchist is someone who bends the rules, not breaks the rules.

No-one broke any rule on Sunday. Everyone was out speaking against cuts to the National Health Service, the Bill which is due to be read today.

Privatising the NHS, now that's against the rules. There is no mandate for what the Tories are trying to do.

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