Friday, 14 October 2011

Tories ignore child poverty increase

The Child Poverty Action Group lost its case in the high court yesterday as it tried to overturn the Government proposals on housing benefit reform.

They argued that the reforms to cap benefits "...could mean upwards of 20,000 children having to move, 14,000 out of their local area, resulting in disruption to education, health and social services."

I have been through this. I am still under threat of this happening again for the fourth time. My blog is my proof that this is no scaremongering.

The high court agreed with the Tories that it was important to cut spending. There's justice for you based on knowledge. These people know fucking nothing.

According to the Guardian, Iain Duncan Smith lost his rag somewhat accusing the poverty charity: "CPAG's challenge to our housing benefit reforms was an ill-judged PR stunt, and amounts to nothing more than a massive waste of taxpayers' money and court time."

He added (and this is where I just lose my own rag even more): "The cost of housing benefit has spiralled completely out of control, and this judgment is further vindication that our reforms will ensure support is in place for those who need it, but stop the crazy excesses we have seen in recent years of people on benefits living in houses that those in work could not afford."

Housing benefit has only spiralled out of control because rents have.
Instead of placing me in a flat I cannot afford I could have been offered a council flat to rent.
Emphasis could be put on building more affordable housing.

They don't want to do it though. Cameron announced more Right To Buy which won't solve this crisis (5 million waiting countrywide is the figure isn't it?)

Then cross party they are saying you have to be in work to qualify.

Here's the Duncan Smith poppycock:

Here's the article they'll be given to those who work, where I left a comment:

I don't want to say watch me and my child get displaced again because I'm frightened the next time will kill me.

Duncan Smith will be pleased with that; one less family on benefits.

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