Friday, 21 October 2011

Why rent when you can buy?!!!!

I heard it on the radio, the r r radio..

My housing association advertising 'affordable' housing! Cue jingle...

Why rent when you can buy?! You can own 25% of your home and pay rent on the rest! As time goes on, you can buy more and more! So then if you own 40% you only pay 60% rent! That 40% isn't free of course, it's borrowed money, a mortgage. So you pay a mortage and rent so you've got two things to fall into arrears with!!

That's not my worry.

My worry is that housing association's will use rents to build properties to sell, sell under schemes like this.

So if you are someone like me, who may not want to buy, how secure will you be? Let's pretend I end up earning vast amounts of cash. Is my option to buy 25% or will I be told to look elsewhere for accommodation? Be pushed back into the highly expensive, highly insecure private rental market?

The localism bill is legislating fixed term leases for all council and social properties. Gone is security unless you buy it, part buy it. I don't even think you have to be loaded to 'part-buy' one of these homes but oh the high price you pay.

We are in a massive massive crisis because our properties were sold and not rebuilt.
Now they will be rebuilt to be sold.

The Right to Buy
Buy to Let
All these have fucked your children and destroyed state subsidised housing.

Affordable social housing is on its way out. I saw a new build just near me the other day and it said "Flat's for sale." Who was selling? A housing association!

I'm realising I can't write stuff like this. It's too hard

I cannot bid for one of the few remaining council flats, it makes me want to die, be gone

The best thing is not to think about it, but imagine no-one thought about anything, you would lose everything.

There's a housing emergency meeting near Parliament today at 5.
Updates on the housing crisis and attacks on the tenancies, rents and benefits
Local campaigns.
A national protest on November 15th. Hardly anyone turns up to those. Hardly any of the five million people on waiting lists, hardly any people sleeping on floors in overcrowded homes.

I could bury my head in the sofa
or go and lend my support

Which would you do?

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