Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lessons in Love

At Monday's Lorna Byrne seminar I wanted to ask her about her marriage to her husband Joe.
When Lorna was about 10 years old angels appeared to her, showed her her future husband and told her they wouldn't grow old together.

I remember reading that and being really shocked. How cruel!! Why tell somebody that? At the time I thought that's why angels don't appear to me and tell me things because I would think about it too much. Every day of my marriage I'd think "you're going to die." That's if I had the courage to go through the marriage in the first place.

Pain. Lorna has felt gigantic enormous pain at losing her husband but she'd have felt enormous gigantic pain if she'd done a me and turned away from him for fear of feeling the pain in the first place.

We can never know if our relationships will last but that's no reason is it, not to give them a chance. Not to give yourself a chance. Or the other person a chance.

It is a question isn't it, of living each day as it comes, and if that's quite hard, to live each moment and to thank those moments for they are full of hope.

Full of love
Full of hope
Full of love
Full of hope

Fear is not a friend.

Full of hope
Full of love


Frankie P said...

As the old saying goes, its better to love them not to love at all.. especially if you know it won't last.. A least you will have the memories to reflect back on..

Sounds like an amazing night, even it i am wee bit skeptical.. x

Stigmum said...

It's almost tragic that it's taken her experience for me to learn the lesson. I never take the risk...although I will start now!

The evening was great and funny you should say you're skeptical because yesterday I thought of going into the post about the evening and changing the word 'cynical' to 'sceptical' (I'm English, we spell it different!). I used the wrong word!! My post will now say 'sceptical audience'!

I do believe that everyone was moved by what she said and even if there were die hard athiests in there, things she said about our planet and even our society is too relevant to ignore.

Like it being better to love than not at all, it's common sense whereever the words come from!

(Just to warn you, I'm going through a whole where do I fit in and what do I think thing at the moment and may post some of it down. Alot of my friends are skeptical, to greater or lesser degrees, so don't mind any of it (whatever 'it' is which I don't know yet)!)

Take care mamma, love wildly!!