Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Unlawful imprisonment

I don't know how many we were being kettled but I'd say not many. I was never ever far from a policeman whereever I happened to be standing. They could hear every conversation and one was happily snap snap snapping his camera doing his little dance around our group.

I was with people who'd never been kettled before. A girl from America, another from Wales, possibly others, I didn't hear anybody talking of past experiences.

I'd hazard a guess that there were more police surrounding and containing us that there were of us.

Fortunately there were stewards in there who handed us Bust cards. In the event of being arrested to say "No Comment." There was a number for legal help on it too.

If they asked us for our names and addresses we might have to give it, we were told. Refusal to do so might see us arrested.

Under some act they had every right to stop and search us.

I don't know what I was feeling because I was feeling EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE.

Bewildered, anxious, worried that I might not be back home in time for when my son came back from his dad's.

Thank God, really truly, that the guy with the guitar and harmonica were in there with us.

He bends down, opens his case and removes his instrument.

Some of the crowd start singing Python's "Always look on the bright side of life" and our guitar man joins in and knows all the verses too!

His friends then tell him to play the song we'd all joined in with on the comedy patch.

Strike Occupy Resist!

There was something most surreal and abit scary cheeky defiance singing this while illegally detained so close to the police you could almost hear them breath:

Intimidate Provoke Oppress

Soon after we were told that we would be released. I smiled at the guitar man: "Your playing secured that for us. Thank you!"

Here, have a listen. Imagine you are hearing it live, join in at the chorus!

Picket Line Party by CosmoInnit

Thank you for all of you in there that made the hour (or more?) pass less fearfully that it otherwise could have done.

No thanks, none, to the police.

What they did and what they put us through was totally and utterly unnecessary.

At the same time as we were being kettled 26 civilians were being killed by the military while out on their peaceful protest in Greece.

Intimidate Provoke Oppress


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