Friday, 7 October 2011

"She didn't die"

One of the first questions from the audience at Monday's Lorna Byrne seminar was from a woman who's mother had a heart attack and died on the operating table. She died for some minutes and came back.

The woman said she'd heard of people who had died who'd seen a white light before they returned but her mother had seen nothing. What did it mean?

"She didn't die then," said Lorna. "The doctors were wrong."

My response was to laugh quite nervously. I could hear noise, confusion, then Lorna said: "No, God didn't show her this time." She did that a few times in the evening, stop while she was speaking as though she was listening to someone.

(Seeing nothing goes against everything that she herself has seen and takes for granted because she's always seen.)

It's a pity I wasn't sat next to the woman who's mother had died and come back because I'd have asked her about it (curious soul me). I'd have asked something like: "Did she remember being dead? Did she even know she was?"

I am strangely comforted though. I told my son that death was like sleep that you sleep when you don't know you're sleeping. Nothing.

Now Lorna is telling us there is a heaven which is this incredible place where you feel a love beyond any love you've ever felt before, where people who have been there, do not want to return here.

I can't imagine it. Or rather I can imagine it but I can't imagine sustaining such a glorious feeling of all encompassing love for all of eternity.

Wouldn't one get tired?

I hope the mother who died and came back doesn't feel frightened that she didn't see what others claim to see. Takes comfort instead that she didn't know she'd died and didn't think she was alive while she was dead.

There's a book about death and dying but I can't remember who wrote it (it's suggested reading at the back of the Barbel Mohr book and girl next to me at the seminar was reading it, and raved about it as she was trying to come to terms with her grandmother's death.). I just went to google to see if it came up and I got a website link. I'm going to leave the death thing for now though as I don't want to think about it but you might want to and that's ok!

(Grrr. I'm really annoyed because I changed my browser to Firefox when I was doing the Dream Job but now every link I put for you on here doesn't lead you to the site. You have to copy and paste it. Sorry about that! Hopefully I'll figure how to get things back to normal soon!)

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