Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm off to hear Lorna Byrne speak!

Hello hello stigs!! Hello to you too person reading this!

My, I've missed blogging but had no time as the Dream Job was keeping me well busy and I was well too tired to blog aswell despite the temptations and urges.

Could have come back to it any old way today as it's been a mighty blog about fortnight.
Support worker came round and said I was.. feck, whatever, I'll remember the word in a minute..
Got a letter from housing benefit saying the payments had stopped because I was no longer in receipt of income support or Jobseekers allowance (I was told if you remember, that it would be a 'smooth transition')
The letter from housing benefit had a new claim form I had to fill in with my whole life in blue or black ink. I was working full time, had my circumstances changed? Yeah! I was working for free not being paid, had my circumstances changed? Um, no! I didn't know what to do but all friends told me not to be honest and say I was working, but tell them nothing at all.
The Dream Job... Well... A week ago last Friday he sent a text saying "It's not working". His cc'd mother replied: "Hunh?" and I replied to all: "Yes, what do you mean?" and am still awaiting his response.
Have I been fired again without being told?
Is this the way with welfare recipients?
If I'm back to blogging I'll fill you in..well about Dream Job at any rate. Still hurting but they say that if things don't work out it's because something better is coming along.
Yeah? Got turned down for a job on a housing magazine on my son's birthday and had to sign over to Jobseekers Allowance the following day.

It's good to cry. So I took my tears to the Church of the Immaculate Conception and said "Thank you for my son" and when I'd stopped crying lit four candles.

Lorna Byrne is in London this evening. You may know her, she's been able to see and communicate with angels all her life and wrote her very beautiful autobiography "Angels in my Hair".

I feel very lucky. She's an incredible woman. I knew she was here tonight but had no sitter and £25 a ticket also seemed excessive (Oh the draught...)

"Maybe it's to pay for the hall," said my mum at the weekend.
I texted my mate Charlie: "Hate to ask but are you free Monday..."

Privileged. That's what the support worker said I was when he closed my homeless household support case. People aren't as privileged as me, he said.

Lorna Byrne will tell us, I'm guessing, through her interview with a journalist, that we all have a guardian angel and that there are millions of unemployed angels all crying out for us to ask them for help.

Yes I am privileged.

We are all privileged

We don't all know that though.

I want to take a more spiritual path from now on. I need to, it's a much happier route the one looking out for positive coincidences (like free Monday night babysitters and a mother who said she'd buy my seminar ticket:)).

I don't know what thrust my blogging will take but quite probably what it says on the tin - single mother on benefit, parasite bleeding the state dry....Which I'm not, we're know that now don't you?

Stigmum drives this

I am just her conduit.

Have a lovely afternoon this blazing hot, blue skied, sunny October afternoon! (Been crazy hasn't it?!)


Frankie P said...

Hey, that's a bit strange about your job.. You can't just send a text surely? So was it a good night??

Stigmum said...

Yeah, a great night. I'll write about the job soon and how it went downhill but maybe not today. Do I write about Byrne? Do I rant about Tories? Hmmmmm!!
(Oh and I would text him but it's not that professional with others, is it? I don't know anything anymore!)