Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Heaven and Hell

The question I didn't get to ask Lorna Byrne on Monday was:

"If the angels have told you about heaven, shown you heaven, have they told you about Hell and given you any indication of the kind of people who go?"

I've a feeling my son's going to ask me about it see and I want to give him a fair answer.

(AND the Catholics have written a new translation of the Liturgy. One of the prayers that used to go something like 'Jesus died and on the third day rose again' now goes like this: "Jesus died, descended into Hell and on the third day ascended into Heaven." Nice one Catho's, bring back the Fear...)

I have to admit, my arm wasn't shot up as eagerly as other peoples because I didn't really like my question, I just thought I should ask it and in truth, I still want to know.
The girl next to me didn't stick her hand up because she thought it wouldn't be fair if she was picked when I'd been waiting longer. ????????????? Don't ever do that reader yeah?

She had a super cool question. Lorna Byrne has learning difficulties, she can barely read and write, she says. Girl next to me wanted to know what help she got to write her books and whether they were ghost written. I don't think they were.

As for Heaven, there's no exact location, it's a place that people who go there don't want to come back from and God has a library. A library! That really threw me. Lorna hid from Him in his Library. I thought there were no material 'things' up there (across there?) Is it e-books without the hardware?

If I go I'll let you know!
Ahem, when I go....!
See you later!


Jennysmith said...

I'd like to know the answer to that one too! keep us posted! And if HE does have a library, does he have those stupid automatic machines that my local one now has!

Bless you xxx

Stigmum said...

I have no idea! Perhaps things that look like books fly out a la harry potter wizard like way and open out infront of you and instinctively know if you need the page turning. One thing I'm hoping though is that in heaven there is no such thing as debt so if there is one of those stupid automatic machines it won't spit out the cash you're putting in to pay off your overdue books so you end up standing there like a bloody numpty rubbing your pound coin against your jeans like that will help. The automatic machines might dispense a nice cup of tea in heaven instead! For free! Ooh, that'll be nice!
Bless you too mamma xxx