Friday, 14 October 2011

Legislating exploitation

I actually had this thought a couple of weeks ago when I was quite happy being exploited.

Started with seeing a picture of Dave standing with some woman from his Work Programme Providers.

I've told you the form a few times but as a reminder, you the taxpayer pay the private company to take on me the trapped on state benefits that you also pay.

It's stepping on the heads of the most vulnerable to achieve economic growth and you the taxpayer are funding that. Twice.

What did someone say on Question Time last night when talking about tax breaks for small and medium businesses. Young people have 'no salary expectations'.

These companies also know they can pay people low salaries because there are another 2.56 million out there who could fill in the role.

It does upset me have to say, alot of Tory ideology does. Maybe its because I have done it all before; worked for nothing glad to have it on my cv.

I'm too old now. Gone my idealism.

Still, I was reminded this morning that the problem is way bigger than the vignettes I give you. Just take a look at this

A whole global racket going on to exploit the cheapest commodity of them all: The Human Being.

I thank the blue sky out of my window and the autumn leaves waving at me.

If you are a lucky person, be thankful you are a lucky person and have a nice day.

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