Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Just Do It!!

Yesterday, all over the UK on university campus' the film Just Do It - A Tale of the Modern Outlaw was aired so those who missed it at the cinema had a opportunity to see it.

Fortunately for me there was one matinee showing at the Metropolitan Uni so I jumped on Zat bike, sang "It's not my day to die" in scary road moments and settled down in the college amphitheatre.

It's such a good film! Really. It follows a group of climate camp activists as they put their bodies in the way of corporate destruction of our planet.

Marina, the Domestic Extremist, who started putting her body in the path of political policy by making tea at demonstrations.

The intelligence and humour of these activists are the same people you see on the UK uncut protests. If you've not been on one of those, then you should see this film. One cambridge undergraduate jokingly says how easy it is to become an outlaw, but it's no joke, it is easy! That's exactly what I was in that kettle a week and a half ago.

One activist says how she returned from Denmark and the police brutality she experienced there during a UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen "radicalised". That she'd campaigned about climate change before, but now, she would campaign against capitalism and how that is responsible for our planet's destruction.

It's an intelligent film, informative, and I for one am really relieved that there are people out there campaigning for my future and yours. Hope prevails even when hope is seemingly defeated. Campaigns have been won. People haven't lost their homes because plans for the third runway at Heathrow was cancelled to give one example.

Watch it, join in, :)

Just while I'm here, I want to upload this video of the kettling I was caught up in when I went to the Block The (NHS) Bill protest. I witnessed the violence you will see, moments before the kettling, which followed such a fun day. It's as though the police wait until the party's over then pounce. And politicians wonder why kids are angry. Anyway, I'm not the one with the camera, I'm the one in the corner, finding my religion (REM)

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