Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Paying to freeze to death

My son got dressed for school this morning underneath his duvet he was so cold.

Yesterday, by chance, I (and no doubt 1000's of customers) got a text from my electricity company:

"[Giant Thief]would really like to speak with you & complete a health check on your account before winter."

I called because I was meaning to call. I'm still paying last winter's debt. The girl on the other end of the phone said my bill would be increasing to account for the winter payments.

"No way!" I said. "I'm already paying £40 a week for last year which drives me into further debt week after week. I have not switched on my heaters yet and this morning my son was too cold to get dressed. My life is hard I don't care if I freeze to death but I cannot allow my child to freeze to death too."

Apparently, as from last week my account is in credit. I am using £68 a month of electricity - don't ask me how. Washing machine is used once a week. Water heats at night on an economy meter. They suggested I do my washing when the electric tariff is cheaper - after midnight.

Anyway, big plus, is the girl reduced my weekly payments to £15. The heaters haven't come on yet though and no-one is telling me how to use them efficiently.

Heh heh, efficiently. The girl admitted that storage heaters "are not that good anyway. They give out heat but it's not that warm."

So yeah, we're paying to freeze.

It's not a choice between heating and food. Debt pays my food at the moment. Debt pays my energy bill debt caused by this energy company.

Dave says pay your debts and then switch companies. Oh my god Dave, do you know nothing? We are beholden to these companies.

As luck would have it, this morning I got an email from Friends of the Earth. Please sign this petition. By not doing so you are demonstrating that you are as hopelessly out of touch as David Cameron.

I told the guy on the phone (for I got transferred to a guy) that it was a petition to stop the Big Six ripping us off.

"We're number 2!" he exclaimed joyously.

"It's nothing to be proud of," I replied.

Please sign it, it'll reduce your own bill too. Thanks. (enjoy the video!)

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