Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Love Thy Enemy

Love your enemy
All very difficult things to do on the path of a happy contented life.
Love Ugly? I don't think so!

I might have found a trick to make this easier

If we all have guardian angels and let us assume for the sake of this argument that we do, then that means that our enemies also have guardian angels.

Angels, from what I am being told, are neutral beings (beings?), neither male nor female, can present themselves as either, and do not judge.

In her book, The Cosmic Ordering Service, Barbel Mohr says that we should say Peace Be With You to our enemies. The premise being if we send out good positive thoughts, good positive things come back to us.

My new trick then, if I find it hard to say Peace Be With You to Ugly, or even the Foca sometimes, or whoever, then I can say Peace Be With You to their angel instead! If Ugly knew she had an angel she might not be as Ugly as she is and me and my ugly thoughts might diminish if I don't give them so much of my time.

A tall order I know, especially as the Tory party are all smugly camped out in Manchester telling us life isn't going to be good for a few years as they quaff their champagne and gaffaw loudly with no thought for any of the vulnerable people they promised to protect. (

Peace Be With You Grrrrrrrr

Stigmum, Peace Be With You.

and Peace Be With You reader

and All The Best Everyone (except cabinet millionaires and greedy bankers...aaaaargh, not easy, not easy this love your enemy lark!)

be with


Frankie P said...

Hmm, not sure if i can "love thy enemy"..

Great article that you linked to by the way.... When you see it written out like that you wonder how people can be fooled by the Tories...

Stigmum said...

I'm not sure I can "love thy enemy" either but I know spending my time hating my enemy, which I do, abit too often, doesn't really serve me very well.

Having said that, yes, great article and I have no idea either how people allow themselves to be fooled by the Tories when the evidence is all there infront of them...