Thursday, 6 October 2011

Seek an answer, you will find it

What is hell and who goes?

My burning question to Lorna Byrne which the Universe heard loud and clear because the book I am reading at the moment is called "Conversations With God Book One" and the guy, Neale Donald Walsch asks God "What is hell?" and God says: "It is the experience of the worst possible outcomes of your choices. It is the natural consequence of any thought which denies Me, or says no to Who You Are in relation to Me." He (God) then goes on to say: "Yet even this experience is never eternal . It cannot be, for it is not My plan that you should be separated from me forever and ever." (That's a relief then!)

So Neale asks: "But if there's no hell, does that mean I can do what I want, act as I wish, commit any act, without fear of retribution?" which I will have to read again as I'm reading "Must you be threatened in order to "be good"?... You are your own rule-maker..."

Adolf Hitler went to heaven. God tells Neale. I was like whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????

I'm glad I've been led to this book because it's really good!! Barbel Mohr quotes from it at the end of her Cosmic Ordering book and the woman next to me at the Byrne seminar recommended it as well.

She was funny. She said "Because you've recommended some books to me, I'll recommend some to you" (which was funny because that's not why I told her about the books that I did). She mentioned Conversation with God then asked if I'd read Women Who Run With The Wolves. "It's my bible!" I said and she laughed: "Me too!"

If you have a question, especially about yourself, you will find the answer or the answer will find you and it's surprising how quickly!

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