Monday, 1 February 2010

Cluttering my mobile inbox....

After yesterday's hang up, the texts arrived from the Foca, alerted by Yoda, 'message from the dark side there is'. The argument began....I don't know, maybe you'll see why I don't want to sit and play happy families with him. He doesn't see it, that's for sure.

19:52: Please don't try to speak to me when I drop [our son] off. I will email you an answer to any questions you have - I have my blackberry with me at all times - We will be there in about 1 hour.

19:57: You're so childish 'i won't speak to you' And you're the one who wants us to sit together with [our son]. At least you've finally texted to say when he'll be back

20: 13: I am very happy for us to sit together - I think it would be good for [our son] to see us try to get along - it would mean the world to him -it is a real shame it does not suit you. At the moment I am just trying to limit the damage you might cause him whilst you struggle to treat me with any civility - for his sake best not to speak at all if all he'll see is you treat me like shit every time. happy to work out anything and everything by email though

20:21:I like how you like to blame me. Keep going, keep going. Asking you a question is not treating you like shit. Your refusal to answer however is questionable

20:45: message from the dark side there is said my phone. "OH FUCK OFF" I said out loud, but it was just my mum asking if my son had come home, which was nice. I thought there'd be no more from the foca....

20:51: I have never refused to answer a question - I do refuse to be barked at though, especially infront of our [our son] - To repeat: I will deal with anything and everything via email though

20.57: Ha ha never refused? Not last monday or friday? I don't bark. If sometimes I shout it's because you don't listen. Why are you so cold? [Our son] can see that too

20: 54: I don't blame you - you are who you are - I resign myself to dealing with you so I can be there for [our son]

21:01: You just did in your texts. Now talk to [our son] instead of texting me. He should have been home 2 hours ago. He's probably knackered.

That was it. Finished. 15 minutes later my son came home. Hug HUG HUG!!!

I knew there was little point asking the foca what time did our son last eat so I was quite happy that he did scarper and I didn't see him.

My texts, obviously, are the bold ones. It's symbolic. Some of us are afraid to be bold, or can't be, or don't know how to be; women have gone through far worse than me with men far worse than the foca.

This is all a start for me though. A girl has to start somewhere just to regain some of that value she deserves to place on herself.

I may email him our exchange so I can delete them from my phone. I don't know how the courts stand but a few years ago I was told that they'll accept emails but not text messages. I don't know if the law's changed but perhaps I should think about protecting myself, for my son's sake as well as my own.

Ironically, while this little interchange was going on, I was also sending fun, light emails back and forth to two guys on the online dating site whilst listening to the Soldiers Love Songs CD I got in the Mail on Sunday!

I certainly do need a hero, ey Bonnie?! Find me a Bridge Over Troubled Water!

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