Wednesday, 19 May 2010

"Are you trying to get your son into a good school?"

I was asked recently if my reasons to take my son to church and do his Holy Communion were to get him into a good school.

Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!


My neice has just done her Holy Communion. My nephew is doing his next month.

One day my son will go to church with both of them and when they both go up to take the Bread what I have never wanted to hear is:

"Mummy, why can't I take the bread?"

What I have never wanted to explain is..well, what I'd have to explain and I don't know how I'd explain what I'd have to explain because now I won't ever have to explain it.



Jennysmith said...

Oh I had all that shit when I started going to church with the kids. Tell 'em to frack off xxx

Stigmum said...

Yep, so tiresome. If we stay in this community after we're evicted, my son won't go to a faith secondary either but I still wouldn't fancy his chances if we end up somewhere and a faith school is the best and closest on offer. You can't just have faith and be done with it these days can you? Well you can, just not in the eyes of other people... zzzzzzzzz! xxx