Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Supervision orders

Trust in social workers. On the one hand I work in an environment where they say they can be trusted and families should trust them more. On the other hand I live amongst people who say they can't trust them at all.

Take Lucky this morning. Her daughter is already under a care order. Lucky says if she doesn't "jump through the hoops" the social workers tell her to, they are going to put her child under a supervision order.

Lucky's not been well and the response of the social workers towards her family has put her under even more pressure, she says.

"Can't you try and trust them?" I say.

"Trust? They work on a rotation, so every six months they change. Just when you get to know one they say: "I'm leaving"."

She listed the number of support workers, mental health workers, councillors, work supervisors that she's had in the past year. She trusts no-one any more.

She said that years ago she spoke quite openly with social workers and said her daughter had behavioural issues and the social services hang on to this now to the point that Lucky isn't even allowed to tell her off. "What child doesn't have behavioural issues?" I said. "What child doesn't explore and try to push their boundaries?"

Baby P has got everyone paranoid. Lucky saw a parent slam their child into a bus shelter last week saying "get the fuck in there and fucking stay there". "They're picking on the wrong parents," she says.

Lucky is doing a great job with her daughter but I know what happened to Baby Face.

She'll be alright. I have to believe that and she does too.

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