Tuesday, 4 May 2010

When feelings are so confused

Two more days until the walk to the polling station.

Labour flyer through the door last night: "End Town Hall "Regeneration" Secrecy."

All the plans to "regenerate" the blocks around here.
Demolishing the recently refurbished children's play centre and selling it off for a "retail chain store" and flats.
Demolishing the local housing office and local Tenants Residents Association Hall for private housing.
Replacing the recently refurbished health centre.

Yes, the local libdem/tory coalition has been silent on these plans but these labour councillors are revealing "work appears to be continuing, with senior council officials discussing massive Private Finance Initiative."

The questions the flyer asks make me want to cry or scream or something. The 'bold' ones are the ones that make me feel this way. The 'unbold' ones are what everyone else is thinking:

What does the term "estate regeneration" mean for people who live on estates?
What is the role of the private sector developers
Will all tenancies be secure afterwards? (How many more will throw me lower down the waiting list?)
What are the rights of leaseholders?
Where will people go while work is carried out? (Where am I going?)
Will tenants be rehoused outside (the community)? (Are they going to tear apart my son's currently good eduction?)
What will the community look like afterwards?

They say if we elect them they'll call an immediate meeting. I DON'T CARE. I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY SON'S IMMEDIATE FUTURE. CAN ANYONE TELL ME THAT??????

Never has an election been so fucking depressing for me.

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