Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Christ through the letterbox

A date has been fixed for my son's Holy Communion. Next month! Shite, he's nowhere near ready! I'm still bribing him to behave in Church. I'm still telling him to pretend the priest is his headmaster to instil a little God Fearing in him.

Anyway, rather concerned that as his Sunday School Teacher I've um, not taught him anything, I bought him a "Children's Missal" on Amazon (£3.30!!) which has just fallen through the letterbox. It looks pretty good; step by step through the mass service, why didn't I buy this last year?????? We are not going to Church again until the Big Day.

The little Bible I bought him as a present has arrived too. What present does one get their child on their First Holy Communion???

The last thing to land on my doormat was from my mother: "Let's Go To Confession". A step by step guide of what to do on the day that she's photo copied from my neice's workbook.

My son's not doing a confession though....Ahem.... because it's not our local church, it's not our local priest and there won't be time when we whizz down to my folks and their local priest.

Still, all is forgiven. My son won't have to do his Confession until after his Communion. I called the priest see, and we had a chat. He said it would be ok.

I like this priest taking my son through his formative steps, not adhering to the rules and best of all, best of all, I'd have done my duty and can now take my boy down the pub on Sundays instead heh heh heh!


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