Friday, 7 May 2010

Blue + Yellow = Green

D'you know, I don't reckon Dave's a bad bloke. I don't. He might be posh, but he might be alright. That's what I reckon anyway, I've never met the guy.

His Blue party has a back bench of hard line Right wingers. I don't reckon Hard Line Right Wing ideas are good. I reckon they break things, like Society.

These backbench Hard Right guys could put alot of pressure on our Dave in a minority government. They lost didn't they, the Tories, but not as bad as the others, so they might be feeling a bit miffed.

They may be Right but they're not stupid.

Nick's offered to boost Dave's chances of Governance in a little pact between their parties. This could be good, this could be really good. I like Nick's rhetoric on housing, diametrically opposed to Dave's party's ideas. Nick could change things! Urge Dave to undo Maggie's terrible decision that Tony didn't undo.

If Dave makes all sorts of horrid cuts now, if he becomes PM of a minority government, well, the people won't like him will they? No, not much, especially if crime sky rockets.

So I was dozing while the telly was on a while ago and I heard a Hard Right guy say that Dave might go in with Nick, introduce some cuts that will prove Gordon "lied" about Tory plans during the campaign, then when we, the electorate, see the Tories aren't that bad, they'll call a second election and try and get a majority government; try and get a government where the Tories can rule ALONE!

Nick will lose this election but his reputation will remain intact whilst the Labour Party? In shreds!

Blue + Yellow does indeed = Green, but don't be fooled, don't be! The Real Green Party did win last night (the only one, so I stand corrected on a post I wrote earlier)

That's the thing with the I Don't Know Party. It's a party of thinkers. It wouldn't mind going into coalition with Jen's Smoking Party but we both need funding and not just for the fags.....


Jennysmith said...

Right on, Stig! There's two of us members already!

If you ask me, I never thought David Cameron was anything more than a chinless wonder. Mind you, I can't stomach Nick Clegg either! And as for that bloody Gordon Brown......

But the one I really hate is Vince Cable who has got In again round here with a landslide. Such a spineless bastard........

Stigmum said...

I can't bear to have Dave look at me, can't like your good self articulate why! I think cos maybe I'm in my 'hope bubble' and wondering if he's more progressive than his party. Nick? Don't really mind him, I quite enjoyed bumping into him a couple of months ago and as for blackmailing my borough brown, stunned entirely that I don't mind him squatting in No 10!!

I can't be too sorry ol' vince won a landslide in your 'hood though. What with the Tories getting most votes, I'm rather pleased it's not them at the head of your council!!

But Jen, if we get proportional representation, you might one day be PM yourself! How cool would that be?!!! xxx