Monday, 24 May 2010

Letter to the Red Man

Dear Frank Dobson,

Firstly I’d like to say how happy I am that Labour controls Camden once again and has put a stop to the Libdem/Tory activities of selling off much needed council flats. It’s a positive start to a difficult journey under a Tory/Libdem run Government.

Mr Dobson, my son and I are being evicted again. I’ve enclosed the letter you sent me the last time when the Greek Orthodox Church handed us notice. Hundreds of families fortunately have been housed since then, but now I’m still seeing hundreds more go before us, many who have more points than us even though they have been waiting less time.

It is so difficult to live through this and now my son is older and interpreting my fear and my anger which I have trouble controlling. He is doing well at school at the moment. I am terrified his education will be affected when the bailiff’s order comes through and the Council does with us what the Council will. How many more evictions, how many more schools as I bid, bid, bid for security, getting nowhere?

I have written countless letters and emails over the past year. [My old MP], my son’s school, my doctor, psychiatrists have all written on our behalf to no avail. I feel like Sisyphus Mr Dobson, rolling the boulder up the mountain, only I have my child on my back and am struggling under the weight of my own responsibility.

I’ve sent you the story of an election eviction I wrote recently, which I’ve also given to my new Labour councillor. It’s no literary masterpiece but I hope it helps us. I do try so hard on behalf of my child.

I’ve also sent it to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. I met Nick Clegg in February. I’ve asked him to open up discussions with the Conservative Party, which ideologically, is poised to destroy the life chances of millions of children.

By sending it to you I now know that this local and national problem sits in the House of Commons in the hands of the three main parties. I know how great the problem is and do not wish to be penalised for my efforts to resolve it, not only for my son but for my borough and my country too.

I wish you and [my old MP] well and the best of luck for the coming years.

Yours sincerely,

Sue de Nim

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