Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Self Employment

The CAB have given me a number to call to arrange a consultation about going "Self Employed". This is incase I manage to sell articles over the next financial year.

I will do this because the whole thing confuses me no end and I might learn something.

What is quite curious is that this morning I sent an article to the website on which I am a member of the editorial board. Will I be pouring pennies into my "business"?

Nah! Because I am doing it all for free. I am doing it all from the goodness of my own heart. I am doing it because it's easier not to be paid for what I love doing.

With Government making cuts upon cuts to local councils will our little website survive?

If it does, will I still be thrown back to the factories because my child is seven years old and I'm not picking up a wage?

My Back To Work interview should be coming up soon. I'll find out then....

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