Sunday, 9 May 2010

Blue and Yellow Man in "negotiations"

I hear on the news that Cameron and Clegg are going to "negotiate a deal later today".

On Friday reader, as the Country woke up hanging, I sent a text message to the Libdem Leader's Pal who lost the seat to the sitting Red MP.

"Hi Pal. Please tell Clegg to tell Cameron libdem housing ideas will save our country from breaking & thank him from me 4 being the only one 2 mention council housing in debates. Thanks & hope you're ok. Sue de Nim."

I doubt he will, having not replied to any of my emails or texts during the campaign but nothing ventured nothing gained ey?!!

Also, floating in my hanging hope bubble, I emailed the ed of the local rag asking when's my deadline!! Was he free to chat at some point?!

I'll tell you something reader, I'm probably as desperate to get housing onto the political agenda as David Cameron is to get his mitts on the keys to Number 10!

Que sera sera ey Stiggers!

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