Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Blue + Yellow = Hope?

His silver jag swept him to the Palace, then took him to No 10. I wonder if the Blue Man was doing a little sit down jig with his wife in the back of the car?

A coalition with the Yellow Man he said.

I like many of the Yellow policies, if you've followed me since I began my journey to No Whatever, Whatever St, you'll know.

I particularly like the Yellow policies on housing. I also like the policies on tackling crime; youth crime before it has a chance to happen. If I were housed and working, I'd love their policies on tax, mine and the bankers'.

Can the Yellow Man change the landscape of our country? Or will the Blue policies win out in the end? They do have the larger share of the votes after all....

I went to give my son a kiss when the news finished. It was 9pm and he was still awake. I told him in a whisper:

"Cameron's our new Prime Minister but Clegg is in there too so you try and get some sleep and we'll chat in the morning..."


family Affairs said...

Fingers crossed then! Lx

family affairs said...

Fingers crossed then Lx

Stigmum said...

Fingers, toes, the whole lot of me! x