Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The courage to do nothing

Words of wisdom from my Oracle (my horoscope ha ha) today is that it takes true grit to be inactive, that sometimes it takes courage to decide that one is better off doing nothing at all.

As these oracles are open to interpretation I've decided to sod the housework. Ha ha, only joking.

In my own interpretation though, I have slightly blown the advice. I've written to our Prime Minister, I've written to his deputy, our Leader of the Libdems. I should let things settle awhile no?

No, I decided to type a letter to my Red MP. Sent him my Story of an Election/Eviction just as I did the Blue and Yellow men.

All main parties in the House of Commons now have the local and national housing problem on their desks (or will do in the next day or two when my MP gets his).

Now I must find the courage to do nothing. It's hard you know, especially given I don't know when the Bailiff's letter will drop through my letterbox and there's a whole new council to start annoying.

Nico Teen, I'm relying on you matey as the Treats are calling from the cupboard and my jeans are already feeling tight....

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