Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Free School Meals

64.50 a week will be the first thing to go when I start work.
Free school meals will also be the first thing to go.
Music and swimming concessions will also be the first to go
After school club concessions also the first to go

Bills won't go, just continue to rise under Government inflation
Rent and council tax impossible to cover unless in a council flat.

I want my working to work for my family.

What chance have we got?


Jennysmith said...

They don't really give you much incentive, do they? Wonder if its worth it. xxxx

Stigmum said...

Unfortunately I'll find out. I was always going to look into it once I'd got me and my boy into a secure, affordable council flat but the system doesn't give a shit about little things like housing. I've heard of too many mums getting into rent arrears once they start working. I can't say I'm really excited at the prospect... xxx