Monday, 3 May 2010

How To Train Your Child

Write ten words on a piece of paper and cut them up.

I chose: 'polite', 'rude', 'funny', 'ungrateful', 'shares', 'spoilt', 'kind',
'moody', 'never says thankyou' and 'says thankyou'.

I then drew a line down a page of A4 and on the top of one side wrote: Behaviour when home with mummy. On the other side wrote: Behaviour when out with mummy.

Gave the lad some glue and said: "Stick the words on the side they belong."

He got ten out of ten. Did I say: "Well done!"? Did I hell. I said: "Right, now go away and write down on a piece of paper how you think your behaviour makes me feel when we are out."

He came back with: 'angry', 'cross' (originally spelt 'croos' but crossed out), 'very sad', 'embarest', 'horrified'.

We then had a little chat.

Is it effective? No idea!

Let me know how you get on if you try it.....

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