Monday, 10 May 2010

Vanishing comments

Lunarosa has just left a really beautiful, supportive comment, coming at a moment to shoot light through darkness.
Blogspot? Where is it? So I can answer her and say thank you?
Lunarosa, if you come back, this post is to give you very, very big thanks particularly as I've been thinking recently that this blog is so darn depressing I'm hardly surprised that hardly anyone follows, never mind comments. So yeah, thank you everyone who does.
I feel I have to write what I feel though because I'm not the only person going through this type of rubbish, so unavoidable in a first world country like ours.
Yes, so I raise a glass to your health, wealth and happiness and if you are not in this situation, I hope that you never find yourself in it xxx
(labelled under 'songs' to highlight the coincidence!)


Stigmum said...

Lunarosa, if you do come back here, I found your original! Thanks for it! x

Jennysmith said...

Hi sweetie, nothing worse than losing someone or something in cyberspace. Hope you find each other again xx

Stigmum said...

I've just tried to access your latest judy garland post but bleddy cyberspace says it doesn't exist when I hit the link! What's going on???!