Sunday, 23 May 2010

Son Late Scream

My boy's late
It's gone past 7
It's nearly half eight
Remember the lovely day
head first in the pond so great
I was with a mate
Now my boy's so late
I sit and I wait
Something I hate
Can't let it
take over me


Anonymous said...

Hope he is back now. My daughter went to her grandparents yesterday. They said they would bring her back in the morning - it ended up being 5.30pm. I called in the end to find out what was going on. There had no idea I'd wonder what was going on!

Stigmum said...

9.30 he came back.. the ex sent a text just after I'd posted the blog, big coincidence! "Get your message now? You should know better" was the angry reply... Annoying isn't it, not knowing, being kept waiting....So pleased to see my son but suffice to say, he was too shattered to chat and had to put him to bed anyway...Better luck best time, for both of us! x