Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Last Supper

Fish Pie - I realised it's my swing back from suicide meal as I cooked one today. A terrible depression earlier as I realised the catastrophe of a Blue win and its sink or swim ideology.

I've been saved from drowning before, when I was five years old.

I must cling to a buoy tomorrow.

What colour are life rings traditionally?


Jennysmith said...

Fish pie eh?

That happened to me at that age. I got out of my depth (story of my life) in the sea at Clacton and my brother pulled me out by my ponytail! How strange xxx

Stigmum said...

Fish pie was always my son's favourite but probs with depression is I don't always put him first. When I hit the bottom "fish pie, cook that fish pie" comes to mind and I make myself do it (frozen now, it'll feed us next I don't wanna cook!)

Freaky mamma, you out your depth too (story of my life also...)Ponytail? Does it hurt when you're drowning?! I was in a pool and I just recall a big arm around my waist & being swooped up to the side coughing and spluttering! xxx