Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Woo Harriet, Gordon nearly made me cry!

Harriet Harman the acting leader of Labour! Oooh I like that!! A woman at the helm! A woman who was told to shut up during the campaign so we never heard her voice.

I am sorry to see Gordon go, ya know. OK, he wasn't the most visually handsome man, not always the most articulate, but I think that's why I did like him, despite him blackmailing my borough. His policies towards my son were good ones, when the banks were crashing he did well, sorted out a 0.2% growth after all most recently.

So much dignity in his speech. I hope the papers don't villify him the way they did today. It upset me so it did, all bar the Guardian and the Mirror.

They might not even mention him actually, only in passing, because of course, they are all pro Tory and Dave just walked into No 10.....

See you Gordy. Thanks for SureStart, the Child Trust Fund and the Tax Credits oh and the shrinks I didn't have to pay to see. Thanks for all kinds of stuff, I hope your legacy remains.

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